Panaseas International, Inc

We're a GREEN Manufacturer

Panaseas has gone GREEN! That’s right… Your favorite parts supplier is making a difference to improve our environment. How? Among other things, we are getting the lead out…

We are certified Lead Free – All plastic has lead because it’s made out of oil (oil has lead…think unleaded gas). Panaseas has switched to completely lead free plastic. We have also certified lead free cords (no lead in the copper, gold, or plastic in our cords) and certified lead free packaging for all our products. Oh, we’re also certified Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium (birth defects), PBB and PBDE free!

Certified RoHS Compliant – The RoHS Directive is the most restrictive regulation of hazardous substances to date. Not only are Panaseas products RoHS compliant, but we also exceed RoHS’ requirements for environmental standards.

Taking the “bad stuff” out of the raw materials we use means that it won’t end up in your drinking water, landfills, or on your or your customer’s hands. With all these recalls of Chinese products, wouldn’t your customers like to know the products they buy from you are certified lead free & environmentally safe? Let us know if you need copies of our certifications to give to your customers to prove you are going green too.

Panaseas is the GREEN supplier in Telecom.